20 Mar 2006

Talk at the University

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I love talking with Art students about the Business of Art.

Today, I along with two other Artists, spoke to a class of Art Students as Dickinson State University. The questions from the students remind me of how I felt when I was a student.

So many things seems impossible to me then. Like– how was I going to sell my art work? I knew I needed to go to Art Fairs– that seemed to be the only place where I could find art buyers. But how was I going to fit everything I needed to do those shows– the tent, my displays, my work– in the little Toyota Corolla I owned? And if I couldn’t fit these things in my car then I couldn’t do art shows— and if I couldn’t do art shows I’d never be able to get enough money together to buy a bigger vehicle to go to the shows…

Students don’t think of those things. And maybe that’s better anyway. But it sure hit me in the face when I graduated from that wonderful womb the University offered. For the entire year following graduation I was depressed. The student loan bill was looming.

Somehow I got through it. Much of my “recovery” was thanks to my Greyhound, Sterling. He was the model for many etchings and other artwork I was doing while still in school. I had this greyhound artwork– “there must be someone who loves greyhounds as much as I do who’d like to buy this work,” I remember thinking.

And so I do what I do today.