16 Dec 2008

Adding to my library.

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Greyhound books
In between studio time, working at the library and tending to bored dogs, I’ve been adding my personal library to LibraryThing.com.

It is kind of fun in an “I’m such a dork and like to be super organized way”. I’ve been adding a few books in the cold and dark evenings.

I’m surprised at how many books I have (384), and how many I have left to add. And how many lame-o dog books I’ve read. Wow. Some are instruction manuals on how to beat your dog. Makes you sick. How we have tortured these creatures in the name of precision obedience. I’m glad training and behavior studies have progressed past the Koehler method and others.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve got listed so far….

30 Nov 2008

And the winner is…

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We are high-tech here at www.greyhoundsculptor.com. Just a sharpie, a plain white piece of paper, scissors and a jar…. and, ta-da, we have a winner!

Pendant contest
So I wrote all the entries’ names on paper….

Pendant contest step 2
…cut them apart….

Pendant contest step 3
…folded the paper and put them all in this cool Greyhound vessel.

(If you want a vessel like this totally stellar cool vessel check out Robin W.’s pottery on her etsy store! I own several pieces and they never fail to make me smile)

Pendant contest step 4
The winner is Hope! Email me for your new sterling silver Pendant!

Sterling Silver Greyhound pendant bright
Thank you to everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving holiday went well!

27 Nov 2008

Thankful… with a contest.

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The tradition on this day is to list the things that one is thankful. I love this game, and play often.

Here are mine for today (in no particular order).

  • I’m thankful that I called the Greyhound Pets of America 1-800 number in 1995. What a wild ride it’s been.
  • I’m thankful for family. For health. That we all have enough.
  • I’m thankful for plumbing. I love my washing machine, my hot shower, and running water in general.
  • I’m thankful for the kids who visit the library and make me laugh.

And all sorts of other things….

So here’s the challenge. To celebrate all of you who give your thanks and praise for my work, I’m giving away one of my new sterling silver pendants with a bright finish.

To enter the contest, answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

“What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving day?”

Please, one entry per person. No entries after 9:00 pm Pacific Time Saturday, November 29. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday morning.

If you’re thinking that the pendant would make a great gift to show someone in your life how special they are, the pedants can be found here and here. Email if you have question or for non-US delivered purchases.

25 Nov 2008

Email wrestling.

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Working on the email today. I shoot for keeping my inbox down to ONE page.

Sometimes I do Great. Not lately.

If you’ve emailed me in the last… three months… gulp! … and haven’t heard back after today, Email me again if you would. I’ll answer. Promise.

22 Nov 2008

Blog stew.

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I’m going to apologize right off the bat. This is one of those update posts.

First off, holy cow. I’m going to run out of the sterling pendants. I know the USPS people at our local post office pretty well. Now I’m running out of polite conversation. I’m now forced to print all the labels online and drop off the packages at the post office…. So Thanks!

Speaking of the pendants – a contest coming soon.

Earlier this week, my intention was to post a series of photos about how I ship sculptures & memory boxes. This involves packing the car and heading to the nearest UPS Store – except the UPS store is 80 miles away. It is kind of interesting. Lots of Pronghorn. But I forgot my camera.

Sage, Annie and Winchester are doing fine. The cut on Sage’s foot is healing. Between Sage’s injury and the winter weather the amount of exercise these pups are receiving has decreased. Everybody, Winchester included, has been very good about this — lots of bully sticks to keep everyone distracted — but I can tell they need more exercise. I feel the same way.

Hopefully winter will break a bit. Uck. I’m tired of the snow already. I really, really hate the gray cloudy days. I can handle any amount of snow if the sun would shine…

Okay, well enough of that. Today is going to be a good day!

31 Oct 2008

New blog… or old blog, new link.

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Okay so usually when I tinker with the blog roll (located on the side of this page) I fail to mention it. I figure the links are there — if one is interested in the blogs I consistently enjoy, the blog roll is there and it doesn’t need it’s own press.

I’m going to make an exception to my “rule.”


This sucker is my favorite creativity blog out there. Favorite posts are here, here, and here. And there are more where those came from…

This is the blog I read when I feel like I’m tapped. Done. Crispy burnt. When the negative ideas seem to be much more prominent than positive ones.

Good stuff here.

25 Aug 2008


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As I’m standing (mostly) in the studio, getting ready for this big Dewey Beach show, it is coming to me : I really need to clean out the studio.

Not just clean here and there. Mop. Put things in their places clean.

I mean really clean. Like take *everything* out and rethink how this sucker is put together. My system needs work.  Here’s what I mean…

The finished tiles have no spots to live. I need a system to tell me, at a glance, if I’m out of blue 4×4 inch leaping Sighthound tiles. I don’t know if this is even possible.

I’d like different shelving. Right now I’m using cheapie plastic tube shelving that came from a big box store. I’d like to buy some wire shelving that would be less inclined to hold dust. Clay dust = bad for lungs.

Put some wheels on that shelving and I could make the studio system more modular in general — move that entire section of shelving to the glazing table, rather than bringing a stack of tiles at a time.

And then there are whole spaces of “dead stuff”

  • That rubbermaid closet that was suppose to a damp closet, but has just existed as a holding cell for stuff I don’t want to deal with.
  • The ten kinds of powdered grout that I don’t want to use, but just might need someday.
  • All the bins of display stuff — fabric, easels, etc. — that I no longer use and that doesn’t fit my booth display anymore.
  • The dead stereo from the 60’s complete with hollow core door on top — used for a table — but if it was gone I could set up the big oak table from the old studio.
  • The window air conditioner that is too big for the window. I don’t want to cut a hole in the studio wall. Has been sitting in the same spot for 4 years. Time to go. But what do I do with it?
  • The basket of 70’s style track lighting — take this to goodwill along with the garbage bag full of other stuff you’ve weeded from the studio. Its been sitting in the same spot for 3 weeks…

Then deal with all the weird stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere

  • My tent – that ubiquitous white 10×10′ Art Fair tent. It’s a CraftHut. It’s nice. Where are the tent poles & covering supposed to live when not in use?
  • My Frank Giorgini tile press — My dad built it for me. It is beautiful. I rarely use it.
  • The bins of display stuff — is it possible to weed this stuff down to a manageable pile? How many foldable tables do I need? Must I keep everything that I might use sometime even if that isn’t now?
  • Is there a system for kiln furniture?
  • And then there is all the scrap clay! Maybe I should dig a hole in my backyard and just dump the scrap in.

And I’ve got a dead kiln too…. Sheesh.

I’m not sure I’m making sense at all here — maybe I’m trying to distract my head from the process of making art. Does a perfectly clean, organized studio exist for anyone? Is this idea an artist’s Fairy Godmother/Santa Claus/Rich Relative?

Then I’m going to anchor it in reality — let’s boil it down to a simple idea:

I want to see walls.

The base of walls. So that there isn’t stuff piled, leaning, setting against the walls. Every wall. All walls except for behind the kiln.

6 Aug 2008

Etsy or not…

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You’ve probably noticed how I’ve tinkered with my website over the past couple of months. Has it been that long? Sheesh. Still questions linger, especially about the storefront aspect of the site:

  • Do you like etsy.com?
  • Do you prefer to purchase directly from an artist’s website?


28 Jul 2008

What I’m reading…

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The book is The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss — I’m late in coming to this one, but hey. It is feeling gimmicky. There are nuggets.

Before that it was Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. Haven’t been able to finish that one. Does Bella get a spine? I hated Wuthering Heights. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be finishing this one.

Otherwise on the blog front — I heart bloglines. There it is. Sorry, Google Reader. Here’s the stuff I’m reading.

Several of my favorite blogs have been posting about Spay/Neuter stuff: Check out Dolittler and Frogdog Blog. Guess I’m not sure about this one…

Here’s a few that every person who adopts a ex-racing Greyhound should read:

How can I be sad about a dog I’ve never met?

Anyway… enough of that…

Off to the dog park.

Stop back later. I’ve got a project that is going to be sweeping the Greyhound rescue and adoption groups’ silent auction tables….

24 May 2008

Goodbye, Blogger.

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I’m deleting the old blog at blogger today.

25 Jan 2008

A-ha! Did you get here from the old blog?

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Welcome to the new blog. I think I’m liking this, how about you?

Too white? Miss the big eye photo of Winchester?

I confess I did buy the WordPress for Dummies book to help. I wear my dummy dunce cap with pride. (I know not everything works correctly yet… have to get to that chapter, be patient).

Anyway, thanks for coming!