25 Sep 2010



The memory boxes need to be on etsy before the end of the weekend. Both kilns need to be unloaded. Sculptures need to be finished. Small pieces need to be smoke fired. Annie has needs also. Running is one. She watches me as I work, looking for evidence that a trip to the dog park […]

19 Sep 2010



As small towns go, Bowman is okay. It has its share of rumors and people talking and goldfish-bowl living. That’s the way it goes. With that comes people helping when your tire goes flat, showing up for funerals, bringing casseroles (hotdish!) at important times, waving as they pass you on the street. But people talk […]

14 Sep 2010



All three of my Greyhounds are working dogs. Not working as in “fill the soup pot” but working as in model. Be Greyhoundy. Be cooperative with inspection. With being measured and looked at. They all love to model and are very willing to let me poke and prod them, move them around, or measure their […]

11 Sep 2010

I’ve been remiss.


Out of the blue, this book, Keefer : The People’s Choice by Leslie A. Wootten, arrived in my mailbox. Trouble is… this happened awhile ago… and I’m just getting around to thanking Nick and Debbie Hunseder for this wonderful gift for my Greyhound library. Thank you so much! I must apologize for my tardiness… Read […]

10 Sep 2010

Smokin’ new ride


I have a new bicycle. For the dogs. So they can trot next to it. Varying up the exercise a bit. The greyhounds are loving it! I’ve been working up the distance – watching those Greyhound feet for signs of wear – riding that line between providing a workout, but not over doing it. Let […]

11 Aug 2010

What are they thinking?


I take a bunch of photos, and while I enjoy it immensely, I don’t know much beyond the basic photography class I took in college. I would like to learn more. Mostly my method is take a lot and delete many. I keep a file for strange expressions on dog faces. Like this one: Go, […]

5 Aug 2010

We came and went.


A couple of months ago, I began to make plans to attend the Greyhound Club of America’s National Specialty show in Lompoc, California. This is the big Greyhound exhibition in the US for the year. And the plan was to take Annie and Sage along. Normally, the end of July is full-on, Dewey Beach-Greyhounds Reach […]

23 Jul 2010

Giving away.


The trip to California is planned. Two dogs and a Mom and a bit of art work in a Honda Element – google maps says 1,555 miles. Wahoo! So I make a list of things to pack. I know what I need to set up the artwork. But traveling with dogs… that is where I […]

7 Jul 2010

High Grass.


How is your summer, Sage? Are you enjoying rolling in the grass? Even when it makes you sneeze? Doesn”t it smell good? Makes a dog want to roll, doesn”t it? Rub that spot on your back…. Ahhh, much better.

4 Jul 2010

As the fireworks rage


The Greyhounds could care less. Unlike many, many dogs who hate, hate, hate fireworks. These guys don”t care at all. Well, that”s not exactly correct. They were pretty interested in what the neighbor dogs were making all the fuss about – bark, bark, bark. But that wore off quickly. Old Apollo like many dogs – […]

25 May 2010

Chuck it part 2.


Greyhounds are creative dogs. If the Chuckit! doesn’t appeal as a tennis ball propulsion device, it may have other uses – like a back scratcher. Sage was game for this. But Annie found new delight in this toy. “Ahhhh…..”