1 Dec 2011

New friend.


Winchester has a new friend. Charley is his name. He’s a Great Dane. This makes Winchester very happy. Charley loves to run and play. He plays differently than the greyhounds. Winchester doesn’t know what to think of this, but he still tries to get Charley to play. Charley has his own ideas of course. So […]

25 Nov 2011

Prairie Dogs.


Took the hounds out for a walk on Thursday morning – out into the countryside. It way a beautiful morning. Immediately I regretted leaving my DSLR camera at home. These photos are from my iPhone. And oh did they run. Won’t forget my big camera next time 😉

15 May 2011

Friday the 13th.


Friday was the 13th of May. Friday the 13th. The day passed and nothing terrible happened. That hasn’t always been the case. The last time the 13th of May fell on a Friday, Sterling, my first Greyhound died. It was horrible. Years later, when reading Dr. Patricia McConnell’s book, For the Love of a Dog, […]

14 May 2011

Annie and the dog crate


Dog training & gardening. Two things I wish I could do better. I picture my backyard rich with lush green plants. Carefully chosen flowers blooming in succession. A pleasant courtyard with a sculpture garden. My backyard looks nothing like this. And as for the dog training… My hounds are easy to live with. They are housebroken. […]

1 May 2011

Laughter is the best medicine.


You know when your dog is doing something inappropriate, but instead of correcting him, you laugh? No? Just me then? Okay… I’ll attribute it to the blizzard conditions and being cooped up in the house. Or that sometimes he’s so darn cute.

11 Feb 2011

Dog park wish.


The weather was beautiful today. The sun is shining and the snow is melting. I thought we’d try the dog park. Didn’t really go as planned. Going to be awhile. Lots of snow out there. In the photo above Sage hasn’t sunk to the bottom. It is belly deep for him in most places. Wish […]

10 Feb 2011

Winter is getting longer.


As I watched the Greyhounds lope around the backyard this morning, I thought, “Sure has been a long time since they’ve had a real workout.” They’ve taken the lack of exercise really well. And then I brought three garbage bags of shredded paper into the house. I use it for packing. For transporting sculptures. Etc. […]

31 Jan 2011

Update post.


The furnace just kicked on blasting warm, dry air. It’s Cold outside. Currently -16 F and dropping. It’s hibernation time. Hard to believe I took this photo a couple of weeks ago – most of the snow had melted off the deck behind the house and Frank dog sculpture needed his -her?- photo taken. Nearly […]

30 Jan 2011

Three years old!


On tuesday, Sage and Annie will be three years old! What wonderful hounds they have grown up into. Seems like they were just babies a second ago. I’d do it again in a second (but with all the knowledge I’ve gained with raising these two). What a wonderful ride it has been.

7 Dec 2010

A break in the weather


After days of cold and snow, the weather warmed enough for a trip to the dog park. By warmed, I mean around 28 degrees F. 20 degrees seems to be the tipping point as far as weather warm enough for the dog park – if we get weather warmer than that with NO wind – […]

6 Dec 2010

A frosty morning


Winter has descended on North Dakota. Most of October and most of November were beautiful, fall-filled. The more fall, the less winter. Hurray! Sunday morning was frosty as ever. The Greyhounds are getting used to the cold again and Annie was happy to be outside as I unloaded the smoke firing cans. The air is […]