1 Dec 2011

New friend.

Winchester has a new friend. Charley is his name. He’s a Great Dane.

This makes Winchester very happy.

Charley loves to run and play. He plays differently than the greyhounds. Winchester doesn’t know what to think of this, but he still tries to get Charley to play. Charley has his own ideas of course.

So Winchester dances. And leaps.

And stamps his feet.

“Should I bring it?”

Bring it!

25 Nov 2011

Prairie Dogs.

Took the hounds out for a walk on Thursday morning – out into the countryside. It way a beautiful morning. Immediately I regretted leaving my DSLR camera at home. These photos are from my iPhone.

Black Greyhound in field

Annie - Queen of her field.

Winchester, Sage and Annie with Jason with a glimpse of the buttes in the background.

Sage and his shadow.

And oh did they run. Won’t forget my big camera next time 😉

15 May 2011

Friday the 13th.

Friday was the 13th of May. Friday the 13th. The day passed and nothing terrible happened. That hasn’t always been the case.

The last time the 13th of May fell on a Friday, Sterling, my first Greyhound died. It was horrible.

Years later, when reading Dr. Patricia McConnell’s book, For the Love of a Dog, I read this quote about her Border Collie, Luke, and immediately thought of my sweet red dog:

He took my heart and ran with it, and I hope he’s running still, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with his forever.

Now as I type this, the quote makes me smile. Like many important losses, the pain isn’t as sharp as it once was. I still think of Sterling. Instead of sadness, I feel more thankful. To have known him. To have learned so much from him.

Aren’t dogs awesome?

14 May 2011

Annie and the dog crate

Dog training & gardening. Two things I wish I could do better.

I picture my backyard rich with lush green plants. Carefully chosen flowers blooming in succession. A pleasant courtyard with a sculpture garden. My backyard looks nothing like this.

And as for the dog training… My hounds are easy to live with. They are housebroken. They walk on the leash. They sit when asked. They are polite at meals and don’t charge out of open doors. But if we go deeper… not so much.

The reason both these things aren’t further along? Me. Time. Effort.

Especially with the dogs. They are smart, eager to learn and easy to train. It’s me that is the big, tired push-over.  But there are “Things We Must Learn.” So I made a list.

One of the things on the list is “Annie must learn to settle in her crate”. So I set up the crate, began feeding her in the crate, and dispensing treats for being settled in her crate. It took no time and soon we began seeing this:

Black Greyhound in dog crate

Hurray! We’re working on duration (with the door closed) now.

She’s a smartie, my girl!  She’s figured out another use for the crate:

All the better to survey the neighborhood.

1 May 2011

Laughter is the best medicine.

You know when your dog is doing something inappropriate, but instead of correcting him, you laugh?

No? Just me then? Okay…

I’ll attribute it to the blizzard conditions and being cooped up in the house. Or that sometimes he’s so darn cute.

11 Feb 2011

Dog park wish.

The weather was beautiful today. The sun is shining and the snow is melting. I thought we’d try the dog park. Didn’t really go as planned. Going to be awhile. Lots of snow out there. In the photo above Sage hasn’t sunk to the bottom. It is belly deep for him in most places. Wish we could use the dog park…

We came home instead. I tried to encourage the hounds to run in the backyard. Mostly they looked at me, but Annie and Sage did play a little tug to blow off steam.

I have mixed feelings about February. On one hand, I would like it to be over so that we will be closer to Spring. On the other, the deadline for the DSU exhibition is at the end of February. The 25th to be exact.

I know I can get everything finished. But its going to take some work.

I’m shooting for 24 pieces finished and ready to exhibit. Some of those are not fired yet. Ulp.

I’m worked on four pieces today – putting the finishes on them. Several are going to need wooden bases, so that’s sanding, staining, more sanding, and then finishing. I want to start them now so that they have time to dry thoroughly. That’s #1 on the To Do list for tomorrow.

I’ll fire the unfired work on Monday. The kiln is loaded but I’m not *quite* sure everything is dry – especially the trooper’s hat piece. That piece along with the new Prey Drive piece, the rabid rabbit, and the Faith In My Lucky Rabbit’s Foot are all in the same kiln load.

The wall pieces need their hanging devices. Not quite sure how I want to do this yet. This is also on the list for tomorrow. No weekends off until all the work is complete. All the work will have to be photographed before it’s packed to go to the gallery.

Also, I’m fairly sure that all of the work will not fit in my vehicle for one trip to Dickinson. Going to have to make two trips – that’s 180 miles round trip for one trip. I’ll all work out. Need to get to work.

10 Feb 2011

Winter is getting longer.

As I watched the Greyhounds lope around the backyard this morning, I thought, “Sure has been a long time since they’ve had a real workout.”

They’ve taken the lack of exercise really well.

And then I brought three garbage bags of shredded paper into the house. I use it for packing. For transporting sculptures. Etc.

Then I did a few more chores, thinking nothing of the bags of paper. Came upstairs to this.

Greyhound dog having lots of fun with shredded paper

LOL! Yes, Sage, it’s been a very long winter!

Let it snow!

31 Jan 2011

Update post.

The furnace just kicked on blasting warm, dry air. It’s Cold outside. Currently -16 F and dropping. It’s hibernation time.

Greyhound sculpture and Greyhound dog copyright Sarah Regan SnavelyHard to believe I took this photo a couple of weeks ago – most of the snow had melted off the deck behind the house and Frank dog sculpture needed his -her?- photo taken. Nearly impossible to get a resident Greyhound to sit like Frank for the photo. We got close…

Rabit rabbit sculpture Sarah Regan Snavely

Also during those weeks I began a nasty rabbit sculpture. Grumpy and it comes out in the art. Hard to find photos of snarling rabbits even with Google images. Not pictured is the nice, but overly eager Greyhound she’s snarling at.

Winchester Greyhound dog in snow with tongue sticking out

The past weeks have been dog park-less and the hounds have had to be satisfied with occasional leash walks and romps in the backyard. I’ve tried to capture them in the snow in the yard with the camera, but the results have been less than satisfying. Dogs probably feel that way about the quality of the exercise. So much snow, but nothing like last year… yet.

Greyhound dog sculpture Sarah Regan Snavely

Also worked on a new piece tentatively titled, Faith in my Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. This is a piece that I’ve wanted to make for a long while. I’ll find those original sketches in an old sketchbook and post them. This is another piece I hope will be ready for the exhibition at Dickinson State University in March. Going to be close.

Greyhound looking out the window

Sage waits for the weather to break. He is a tough dog and tolerates the weather more than any other Greyhound I’ve owned.

But we all want the weather to warm up.

30 Jan 2011

Three years old!

On tuesday, Sage and Annie will be three years old!

What wonderful hounds they have grown up into.

Seems like they were just babies a second ago. I’d do it again in a second (but with all the knowledge I’ve gained with raising these two). What a wonderful ride it has been.

7 Dec 2010

A break in the weather

After days of cold and snow, the weather warmed enough for a trip to the dog park. By warmed, I mean around 28 degrees F.

20 degrees seems to be the tipping point as far as weather warm enough for the dog park – if we get weather warmer than that with NO wind – whoo hoo! Dog park we go.

Winchester Greyhound running in the snow

The Greyhounds love to run. They know where there going as soon as we turn north on the road to the dog park.

Sage Greyhound rolling in the snow

Sage, especially, loves the snow. Winchester and Annie pretend it doesn’t exist, but Sage rolls and rubs himself in it.

Sage Winchester and Annie running in the snow

The snow doesn’t hamper their running and playing as long as it is soft and powdery. When it thaws a bit, then freezes again it gets a coat of ice on the top. The ice, not the temperature, will hamper our dog park trips. Ice slices Greyhound feet.

Annie Greyhound running in the snow

But till then, they run.

Winchester Greyhound gets hot

Until they are panting.

Annie and Winchester Greyhound play bowing in the snow

Then play some more.

Sage Greyhound running through the snow

Best part of the day!

Annie Sage and Winchester smiling in the snow

6 Dec 2010

A frosty morning

Winter has descended on North Dakota. Most of October and most of November were beautiful, fall-filled. The more fall, the less winter. Hurray!

Annie Greyhound sniffing the winter air

Sunday morning was frosty as ever. The Greyhounds are getting used to the cold again and Annie was happy to be outside as I unloaded the smoke firing cans. The air is crisp and cold. I was happy to get this photo of her sniffing the slight breeze.

Frosty tree branches against a blue sky

Everything was covered with frost and the sky was foggy and cold… till the sun came out. Sunday was a beautiful winter day.

Winchester Greyhound sleeping in a sunbeam

Winchester, on the other hand, is happy to stay inside. Sage had the choice sunbeam next to the glass door, but Winchester found an able substitute.

Sage Greyhound looking through deck railingWhen Sage did come outside, he played with Annie till it was ready to go in. He peeked through the deck railing as I unloaded the smoke cans.

Smoke fired Greyhound dogHere’s one of the smoke-fired small sculptures from this weekend’s firing. More photos on Facebook.