26 Mar 2014

Social media.

There are phrases I don’t need to hear again. Point in time. Politically correct. Safe haven. Social media. One must be able to find better words in our rich vocabulary of possibilities to describe these things?

And – oh no! – Facebook is changing the reach of its pages feature. What will we do without Facebook disseminating information!? I think I’ll keep blogging and building my email newsletter (and still posting to Facebook and Instagram occasionally).

And, hey, I’m going to the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab, Utah. If you are going too, we can talk without the aid of these computer-thingies!

Smoke firing in a barrel kiln

Many things to be done to prepare for the event in Kanab, Utah. I’m also looking to have an online mug sale between now and then. I’ve been working on throwing pleasing bottles and plates. Firing more mugs right now.

Last week I ferreted out all the mugs and bowls I consider seconds. Some are not-quite-right. Others are pieces that are functional but not a design I want to make again. All are coming with me to Kanab. Three big totes of seconds with reduced prices. All are too good to subject to Mr. Hammer, but not good  enough to photograph and measure and list on the online shop. Come to Kanab!

Sarah Regan Snavely Bison

I’m also working on an exhibit for Dickinson State University. I’ll be exhibiting with fellow North Dakota artist, Cris Fulton. Excited. My plan is to work out some of the ideas that have been living in my sketchbook – work about living in North Dakota. The photo above is an early look at one of the bison for the show. Challenging. The form is one thing, but the narrative is another. How to revise the story am I trying to tell? Time and work.

Sarah Regan Snavely plate design

Art & fine craft is social media. I make a mug and you use it to drink your favorite tea. My sculpture reminds you of your greyhound with the big ears and extra long snout. It is the making of social objects – over and around which we share stories and thoughts and experiences.

25 Apr 2013


Poor blog. It ranks low on the prioritized “to do” list. The blog is one of my favorite things to do, yet the ease of sharing on Facebook leaves the blog bare. Darn it. Must work on this. Here is a recap of images of what has been going on since that last blog post in February (!)


Winchester Greyhound.


Mr. Hammer meets some third quality mugs.


Sleeping Greyhound, upsidedown.


Sleeping Greyhound, right side up.


Packing work.


Large vase collaboration with Andrew McGarva.


Big Bunny + Running Greyhound mugs.


Big mug. Not fired yet. How much will it shrink? (About 16%)


More bunny mugs.


Throwing day shoes.

Rabbit with tan polka dots mug ©2013 Sarah Regan Snavely

Bunny mug with tan polka dots – finished.


More Winchester.


Snow. Snow. Snow.


When human and Greyhound collaborate.


Rabbit mugs.


Finished red polka dots.


Unfinished red polka dots.


Running hound with tan stripes. Unfired.


Runner hound sculpture.


Stubble field.


I love grain bins.


Frozen paws.



Vein. I love Greyhounds.

20 Nov 2012

Clay and cleanliness.

After watching me throw in the classroom studio, my pottery class instructor encouraged me to be okay with the messiness that comes from throwing a pot. “At home you don’t have to clean up every time!” she said. She’s right. I like a big bucket of clean water, a coffee can of throwing water and lots of sponges. While throwing, I clean my hands often.

So I tried. I tried leaving clay slurry in my wheel pan, not scrubbing each bucket before I filled it with fresh water, not mopping at the end of each day and the beginning of the next.

Didn’t work. I’m compelled to clean.

One reason is the minor compulsion to keep dust down. Dust is not good for lungs, especially long-term lung function. There are some nasty things in powdered clay (mostly silica). I don’t want to breathe it and I don’t want the dogs to breathe it.

But the big reason is…

Winchester. Clay monster. Scouring the floor for bits of clay and waiting for me to leave the wheel so he can mush his nose between the wheel head and pan to sneak tasty(?) bit of dried clay. Yum.

28 Oct 2012

About missing Dewey Beach.

This year was the first of many that I have not attended the Greyhound Reach the Beach event in Dewey Beach, Delaware. It is one of those “not to miss” Greyhound events. It’s like a  pilgrimage for Greyhound lovers worldwide. The mark on the calendar each October, the weekend before Columbus Day.

I think I’ve been every year since 2003 minus 2007. I think. But this year there was no 2.5 day drive across the upper midwest, no flurry and hurry to get ready for the event. I missed seeing all the friends, people and hounds that I only see once a year. All the people that share the passion of Retired Racing Greyhound.

Instead I went to Minot, North Dakota. I was gone four nights instead of the nine to ten nights for Dewey Beach. Here’s the problem with going to Dewey Beach: four nights is pushing maximum on the dog care front. Currently my Dad checks in on them. But the nights are a problem for Winchester.

And that is the worst of it: My Winchester is getting old. He can’t “hold it” like he used to – needs that 4 AM backyard break.

I need to find someone who can stay overnight if I’m going to go to far events. Everything is far away from here.

25 Oct 2012

Hard to be mad.

No bag of shredded paper is safe around my greyhounds. They will tear open the bags, scattering the shreds everywhere, burying their noses in the paper.

Hard to be mad when I’m laughing…

25 Jul 2012
4 Apr 2012
7 Mar 2012


©2012 Sarah Regan Snavely - Winchester Greyhound with macro lens

Wordless Wednesday with Winchester + macro lens.

18 Jan 2012


The weather has turned cold. January is not a favorable month for smooth haired creatures living in North Dakota interested in outdoor activities. However, we are half way through the month and the winter has been relatively easy. Hooray!

Annie discovered the blanket filled chair and curled up in her newly discovered spot. The chair is small and has wooden arms. Not greyhound friendly. Guess the blankets tipped the scale.


Not to be outdone, the second Annie relinquished her new perch, Winchester had to try this new spot.

Greyhounds are funny.

8 Jan 2012

Utilizing resources.

Using my iPhone and the wordpress app. Wondering if this will work?

Here’s Annie. Stretched out on the couch, literally. Making every bit of her 69 lbs count!

2 Jan 2012


I killed my flickr account last month. Forgetting that the images on this site were linked from my flickr account, I couldn’t see a downside. Now the archives of this blog are broken. Time to fix. Where to start? I think I’ll do a month every week…

I’ve added the latest kiln load to my shop. They’ll go live on Thursday AM. Next kiln load will be available sometime at the end of January. I’ll have some more large boxes along with a few small and some medium sized boxes as well. Small sculptures will be coming up in February.

In other news, poor Sage injured himself at the dog park. One foot under the dog park fence, a very slight yelp, and he kept on running. He’s a tough one.

Damn you, Dog Park Fence. Thankfully only stitches.