25 Nov 2011

Prairie Dogs.


Took the hounds out for a walk on Thursday morning – out into the countryside. It way a beautiful morning. Immediately I regretted leaving my DSLR camera at home. These photos are from my iPhone. And oh did they run. Won’t forget my big camera next time 😉

31 May 2011



I should have scheduled a workshop. Or planned to attend the big event at the Bray. Or a vacation (what’s that?). Something to get away from this place for a while. Something to look forward to. As it is, I’m waiting for boxes to dry. I’m working steady. Soon they will be dry and I’ll […]

30 May 2011

Gray and green.


Cold. Wet. Rainy. Gray. On the bright-side the basement is dry. That can’t be said for most of my neighbors. Or those along the Missouri river here in ND. Flooding. Sandbagging. Stress. I don’t know how long it has been raining – just that it seems like we’ve had more rain this year than ever. […]

30 Apr 2011

And snow it goes


The temperature was near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And the weatherman was warning of an upcoming blizzard. Such is spring in North Dakota. Turns out, this time, he was correct. Winchester woke me this morning around 4AM. The wind was howling. He wanted me to be awake to hear it, I’m sure. The wind sounded like […]

21 Apr 2011

Snow bricks.


So if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, right? I’m going to attribute my lack of blogging to something along that sort. But mostly being super busy with library stuff, not making much work in the studio thanks to various reasons, and generally blanking on anything good to write about. It’s […]

4 Mar 2011

New project.


This new project isn’t made of clay. But I might make a small version maquette out of foam core. This is the room in which my computer is located. It used to be the room we also used for TV watching (see the wall-mount for the flat screen still bolted to the wall?). The TV, […]

28 Feb 2011



Well now I’ve gone and done it. After planning and preparing for nearly a year and a half, the joint exhibition of my mother’s and my work is up in the gallery. And I’ve gotten myself a nice winter cold. As of this moment, I’m quite froggy. Tomorrow is the Artist reception (Tuesday, 1-4PM). Art […]

5 Feb 2011

Slow going.


or Watching Clay Dry. Nothing exciting to report (which is a good thing, I guess). Waiting for work to dry so that I can fire. Hoping to bisque fire tomorrow. Don’t want to be too hasty. Blowing work to pieces is no fun. Until I know more, thought I’d share a photo of Winchester and […]

31 Jan 2011

Update post.


The furnace just kicked on blasting warm, dry air. It’s Cold outside. Currently -16 F and dropping. It’s hibernation time. Hard to believe I took this photo a couple of weeks ago – most of the snow had melted off the deck behind the house and Frank dog sculpture needed his -her?- photo taken. Nearly […]

30 Jan 2011

North Dakota winter


If you’ve been counting, which I assure you every North Dakotan has, this is Too Much Winter #3. I realize that for the rest of the US, North Dakota means Cold and Snowy. But Bowman is located in the “Banana Belt” of North Dakota. That usually means that we’re warmer and have better weather than […]

2 Jan 2011



What is that expression, “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes?” Seems like I remember my Grandmother using this expression along with “wishes don’t wash dishes.” When I think more about it, I’m not sure she actually said those things, or if, instead they seem like something she would have said. My memory has mashed them […]