16 Apr 2007

Beds, Coffee & a Bad Day


Kelly is having a bad day. Back end weakness strikes again. The temps outside are climbing 74 degrees yesterday and today is close to that. Panting takes a lot of energy for old dogs. Rimidyl every day now. He’s not crazy about the Acti-Flex 4000 but it gets results. 2x a day. Thanks to Linda […]

13 Feb 2007

To Miles City


Off to Miles City today. Had a bit of weather. I don’t normally enjoy writing about the weather, mostly because this is North Dakota and the only thing people seem to associate with North Dakota is cold weather. It feels like we’ve been abnormally warm this year. Sure there has been that one cold week […]

27 Dec 2006

Dreaming of books


I didn’t run the dogs today. That was a mistake. But I got quite a bit done today– and tomorrow the “vacation” will be over and work will start calling. Library/Studio/Library/Studio/Studio/Studio/Library. Haven’t had a dream about library books since last week. Delightful. I’m serious. I’m delighted. You’d think that Library book dreams wouldn’t be so […]

17 Feb 2006

Borzoi weather


…Or maybe not. Maybe it’s Malamute weather? Either way it’s cold here. Now you must be thinking, “But she lives in one of those Dakota states? Aren’t they cold all the time?” Nope. We just say that they are. Actually the weather can get cold here, but it rarely lasts for long. But it sucks […]

6 Feb 2006

North Dakota


Julie has been writing about perceptions of North Dakota again. She’s an entertaining and passionate writer. Thought I’d post a photo that might just drive her crazy– more fodder for the rumors– found today while driving south of Marmarth, North Dakota.

19 Jan 2006

Ice sucks.


The snow is hard and partially ice from the freeze-thaw days we’ve been having for the last two weeks. Makes it impossible to run the Greyhounds. Kelly, the twelve year old Greyhound is handling this just fine. A ride in the car satisfies him. Apollo, the nine year old Greyhound is doing okay. He’s getting […]

26 Oct 2005

Living in the boonies


I live in the country. Well, actually I live “in town” as the locals would say, but the town in small and out in the middle of nowhere so it is rather like living in the country. But with neighbors close by. Bowman, the town that I live in, is nearly 80 miles from the […]

18 Jun 2005



It was a mistake. I can see that now. About six months ago I quit drinking coffee and unhinged myself from my caffeine addiction. A difficult but good thing to do. I’ve had a few relapses– traveling to the Greyhounds in Gettysburg event, a couple difficult mornings, once where I mixed the decaf with real– […]

8 May 2005

First Post


Okay. Let’s see how this works…. I have decided to start a blog as a way to document the daily (or semi-daily) goings on here in the studio. Hopefully that will include a good amount of Art making– and a probably a lot about the Greyhounds who live here. Who am I? Sarah Regan Snavely, […]