12 Nov 2007

Two new ways to shop


You’ve asked for it and I’m going to do my best to provide– at loooonnnngggg last I’ve got the shopping cart back up on my website! And I set up an Etsy store for other pieces. Let me explain… You’ll find sculptures on my website… and most tiles… and boxes and some other stuff. Secure […]

9 Nov 2007

Open studio was a success!


Opened the studio and house on Sunday, November 4th from 2-5 PM for visitors, art lovers, curiosity seekers. Lots of fun! Great food! Sold plenty too! Here are some photos if you missed it: Let’s start at the beginning… I cleaned. Mom cleaned. Jason cleaned. I knew I was going to use the house as […]

13 Oct 2007

You’re invited to my Studio!


I’m opening the doors on Sunday, November 4th! See the clay dust! And the dog hair! Oh… and I’ll have sculptures and tiles and boxes and other stuff too. I’ll be adding more details soon. And don’t forget to visit my website to check out my latest work.

22 Sep 2007

Why I “Do Dewey” and other mysteries of life…


Woke at 5 am again today. Nothing like the stress &/or anxiety of an upcoming big show to get me out of bed in the morning! There is no snooze button to buy some time. I’m up. Better start the coffee pot and toaster. I have projects to finish. Why didn’t I get some of […]

19 Sep 2007

Greyhounds in Art Invitational Art Show


Participating in the Greyhounds in Art Show during the Greyhounds Reach the Beach weekend at Dewey Beach, Delaware in October again this year. I’ve had work in the show previous years and always had a great time. Year one, it might have been 2003 (?), I did a series of five busts. All from red […]

2 Sep 2007

September 1


Where did August go? Where did summer go? Nothing to blog about here. Getting ready for the show in Dewey Beach, Delaware. I feel like I’ve had my head in bucket for weeks. Don’t know a thing. The work looks good, so far. Firing again tomorrow. Will post photos when I unload the glaze firing.

14 May 2007

Drafts & housecleaning


Drafts. Beginnings of blog posts. Unfinished. I’ve been furiously spring cleaning the house, here’s the spring cleaning of this blog: On 4/15/07 I began to write about the 2007 Whippet Nationals in Overland Park, Kansas. Fun event, but also long (# of days wise). Here are a couple of photos of the those precious Whippets […]

13 Apr 2007

Back and going again


Ever have one of those weeks? Nothing terrible here, just busy, busy. Returned from the Whippet Nationals on Sunday. Not sure what’s happened in the days since other than a lot. I remember attempting to catch up with library work? And the taxes? I think I prepared the taxes? Packaged and shipped a bunch of […]

12 Oct 2006

Dewey Beach 2006


Home. Well this Dewey Beach is one for the record books. So that’s what a nor’easter can look like…. Looks a whole lot like a North Dakota blizzard but with rain instead of snow. Winds like home. Here’s the way it was supposed to work: load the van, drive to Delaware, unload the van, set […]

16 Mar 2006



So I’m attempting to prepare for both the 2006 American Whippet Club National Specialty show and the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab. Means I will have the van packed and ready to travel on the 20th of April. Then Dad and I will drive to Boston (actually outside of Boston) to spend 7 days at the […]

13 Oct 2005

Back from Dewey Beach, DE


Arrived back home around 5 pm from Dewey Beach. Long drive, but great to see everyone and have so many people say such encouraging things about my work! Greyhounds Reach the Beach is truly a one-of-a-kind event. Will post some photos and more thoughts soon. Now to unload the van…