7 Jul 2008

Boxes, tiles, and more. Oh my!


Posted all sort of goodies at my storefront at etsy.com What follows is a sampling:

17 May 2008



After a day of hard work (setting up the booth full of artwork and talking, talking) we have come to Saturday morning. If you’ve never been to the gathering, Saturday is the day of the parade. Claudia blocks off US highway 89 for the Greyhounds to march down the street sometimes in costume. Sometimes the […]

5 May 2008

While I was sleeping…


Heck. I’ve had over 100 sales through my etsy.com store. And have 112 hearts too. Huh. See what happens when I pay attention?

20 Apr 2008

What am I doing? Sale?


During the month of APRIL 2008 – $9 off all 6×6 inch TILES on my etsy.com store. That is a $24 tile for only $15! [Nearly 40% off…] Buy one for you, another for your favorite Greyhound adoption group. Just choose your tiles, checkout, and I will send a revised invoice via paypal. Email me […]

14 Apr 2008

New on etsy


In the midst of preparation for the Greyhound Gathering, I’ve added a few new pieces on my etsy store. The 12×16″ tile set is something I do in limited production. This would be great to adhere, grout and frame — ready to hang in your dog room. This is the first of this tile set […]

27 Mar 2008

More etsy.


Added some more goodies to my etsy store. Take a gander if that type of thing interests you. Thanks much.

28 Jan 2008

Sale? Sale!


In the art of clay there are winners and losers… firsts and seconds… pieces which have minor imperfections. *Sigh* Imperfections. What a terrible word. Unless you’re looking at diamonds or an A-1 restore on a vintage Corvette why would anyone value perfection anyway? Isn’t perfection rather boring? But I digress… I make things. With my […]

18 Jan 2008

Welcome Cockroaches!


Not that any of my Greyhounds would partake in such an un-elegant, un-refined pose as the “dead cockroach.” And certainly not Winchester, “Mr.-100-pound-blur-of-brindle”… Ah-ha! Caught! This is my newest welcome sign design. Made from clay, fired, glazed, fired. Hang it inside or out. Find more at my etsy store.

10 Jan 2008

In Remembrance


Several years ago, Claudia of the Greyhound Gang approached me with an idea. I would create image of a Greyhound angel, then take that image an apply it to a medallion type object that would be one-of-a-kind just like the beloved Greyhounds people are remembering. Here’s how Claudia describes what she does with the finished […]

28 Nov 2007

More on etsy — this time for Greyhounds & Whippets


Added some porcelain pendants to my etsy store today. Four designs. Any suggestions for colors?

20 Nov 2007

Hey Scottish Deerhound lovers!


If you’re looking for Scottish Deerhound art for gifts for friends (or for yourself!) check out etsy— I’ve just listed some of my Deerhound tiles. Click here to see ’em on etsy.