7 Feb 2009

Mark your calendar

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Couple of events you might want to know about.

Sterling Silver Greyhound pendant bright

On Saturday February 21st, look for the Sterling Pendants at Greyhound Pets of America – Northwest Chapter‘s Dog Lover’s Valentine Benefit Gala. Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars will be our agent at this event.

Our pendants will also be with Sue and Silk Road Collars at the West Coast Greyhound Gathering in Solvang, California. Dates for this event are February 27 – March 1.

My work will be at other upcoming events including the American Whippet Club’s National Specialty in Atlanta, Georgia (April) and the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab, Utah (May). More details about these two events soon.

7 Feb 2009


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Claudia from the Greyhound Gang emailed me some good news.

medallionsRemember the Medallion project? (Claudia and I worked together to create an image/clay medallion for the Greyhound Gang to offer as gifts/remembrances for passed on Greyhounds).

The Medallion project raised $1700 in 2008!

That money goes to help find more Greyhounds’ homes after their racing careers are over.


To make a donation & send or receive a medallion, go to the Greyhound Gang’s website.

25 Jan 2009

Etsy store update.

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Memory boxes

Added a few more pieces to my etsy store. Boxes and tiles with more to come.

29 Dec 2008

etsy store update.

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Memory boxes

Added a few more pieces to my etsy store. Boxes and tiles with more to come.

17 Nov 2008

Getting closer.

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Added quite a few pieces to my etsy.com store.

More to come. Mostly tiles and such.

26 Sep 2008

Donation : Silent Auction Greyhounds in Art Show

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The Greyhounds in Art exhibition also has a silent auction to raise money for canine cancer research. Here’s the piece I’ve donated for this:

Silent Auction Greyhounds in Art Show

20 Sep 2008

Hey Dewey go-ers! Watch for this!

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Couple of items to keep on your radar screen if you’re going to be Dewey Beach going.

Greyhounds Reach the Beach raffle item

I donated this framed tile panel to the Greyhounds Reach The Beach silent auction. I’m fairly sure that the silent auction items will be located at the Grotto Pizza along with the Greyhounds in Art show. This year’s proceeds benefit the Greyhound Health and Wellness program run by Dr. Guillermo Couto at the Ohio State University.

While you are at the Grotto Pizza checking out this auction, be sure and peruse the silent auction table of the Greyhounds in Art show. I haven’t photographed that piece yet — will post the photo when I do. The proceeds from this auction benefits Dr. Couto’s research as well.

Silent Auction tile panel

This is the piece I’ll be donating to Sunday’s Brunch raffle. Raffle tickets will be available outside prior to the brunch and at the Celebrating Greyhounds table at the Grotto Pizza.

I’m not sure if NON-Dewey-Beach goers can bid or participate in the raffle. Perhaps someone will leave an answer to this question in the comments of this blog.

12 Sep 2008

Greyhounds in Art

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One of the coolest things about Greyhounds Reach the Beach (GRTB) – besides all the awesome Greyhounds! – is the Greyhounds in Art show.

Greyhounds in Art was the brainchild of Karen McDonnell, a jeweler and overall wonderful person, in 2002 (?). When she stepped down in 2007, artist Lynn Roick took over. I’m honor to be a part of a project run by great people!

The show is an invitational exhibition that runs for the GRTB weekend. It is also a fundraiser for Greyhound Cancer Research – each artist is expected to donate a portion of his or her sales. It is a fun way to raise money for important research while celebrating art and Greyhounds.

I’ve been asked to participate three times. Last year I missed the show and thankfully Lynn asked me to participate this year. Yesterday’s kiln firing contained four of the pieces for the show. I don’t want to anger the kiln gods by talking too much about them before they are finished, but I’m excited to see how they’ll turn out.

The artist’s participating in this year’s show are:

And one of Lynn Roick/Carmon Deyo‘s pendants will be raffled off too. It is a pleasure to be in such fine company!

This smile-inducing image is from photographer, Sue Bird’s blog.  Makes me wish I was bringing hounds to Dewey Beach. (Watch her blog for session details).

Can’t wait to see Sue’s work (and all the other artist’s work) in the exhibition!

On another note, firing the kiln today. Photos coming soon.

24 Aug 2008

Oh yeah…

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I forgot to mention… if you want me to bring something in particular — a set of coasters in red, a royal blue 6×9 Trio tile, etc — send me an email. I’ll do my best.

24 Aug 2008

Dewey Beach 2008

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“Are you going to to Dewey?” they ask.

Yeppers. I hope to be there this year.

What: Greyhounds Reach the Beach

When: October 8-12, 2008

Where: Ground floor, Best Western Gold Leaf, Dewey Beach, Delaware

Other things you might want to know:

  • I’ll be sharing space with Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars.
  • I’m going to clean out the studio – I’ll be bringing everything – older pieces, “last ones”, even a few Greyhound prints, notecards, etc.
  • I’ll have new stuff too, of course. Even a few new tile designs.

And, yes, that feeling of “I-have-to-leave-my-dogs-and-I-don’t-want-to” has begun already. Whaaa!

21 Jul 2008

More etsy.com

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I going to risk jinxing (is that a word?) this new goal o’ mine — so here goes. I’m going to add new stuff to my etsy.com store every Monday. So… take a look at this week’s offerings if you are of the sort who enjoys that type of thing. Or something.