7 Dec 2010

As the smoke clears

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During the blogging blackout I worked on many smaller sculptures. These are pieces roughly 8 inches in length and entirely handmade.

I fired them in my kiln then wrapped them in various combustibles and set them on fire along with sawdust and other goodies. Their surface is a result of the smoke and combustibles. No glaze at all.

I was very pleased with this batch of “smoke fired” work. Lots of rich blacks and vivid pinks (the pink is from Old Roy dog food burned next to the piece – lots of copper in Old Roy).

To my etsy store these guys will go. Order early if you’d like them in time for the holidays.

16 Jul 2010


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Yummmm…. Coffee. I am hopelessly addicted. I try to keep the addiction at bay – only drink coffee in the morning, drink it by the cup and not by the pot. Sigh.

So I want my morning coffee to be an Experience. Part of my Morning Coffee Experience is reaching into the cupboard and pulling out a handmade mug. Bypass those Made in China factory vessels – I want something created one at a time by a fine craftsman. Because it makes my morning better.

Now not all mugs are created equal, but that is part of the experience. How does the handle feel in your hand? How does the lip of the mug feel on your lips? Does the mug radiate just enough warmth from the coffee inside? Is the balance just so? Do you hold it without thinking about it?

Here is my new favorite mug:

Mug from Prairie Fire Pottery

I love this mug! Made by potter, Tama Smith – Prairie Fire Pottery, in Beach, North Dakota – this mug is the best. The way it fits in my hand, the balance, the handle, the beautiful rich color. I”ve washed it over and over in the week that I have had it – bypassing the other mugs in the cupboard for this baby. Happy morning! Now go and get yourself one!

1 Jun 2010

And the winner is…

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Happy Tuesday! Happy June! Thank you to everyone who commented on the blog and on the studio page on facebook! I added the number of blog comments (24!) to the facebook comments (33!) for a total of 57 comments. Each of the comments was given a number – blog posts are 1-24, then facebook 25-57. Then I went to random.org to generate a number. And the winner is….

#18  ssorca19! Email your address to me and I’ll get the Run tile set on its way!

Boy, that was fun. We should do more of this… 🙂

25 May 2010

Giving away.

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Because you guys were so awesome to me and Mom at the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab.

Because you leave inspiring and invigorating comments on this blog and my studio on facebook. 71o Fans on Facebook! Way cool!

Because Annie ate some raw beef today without shaking it thoroughly, then guarding it from Sage before she decided to stop torturing the other dogs and just eat it.

A little giveaway.

A set of my Run tiles in buckskin fawn glaze. These are a set of four 4×4 inch tiles with three running Greyhounds. Use ’em as coasters. Or hang ’em on the wall. Or grout and frame them.

To enter the contest, answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post or comment on this post on my studio’s page on facebook.

“What is your favorite summer activity to do with your dogs?”

Please, one entry per person. No entries after 9:00 pm Pacific Time Monday, May 31. Winner will be chosen at random. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday morning. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

20 May 2010

Back from Kanab

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Kanab, Utah is the site of the Greyhound Gang‘s annual Greyhound Gathering. Whew, boy! It’s a blast. This year Mom and I drove to the gathering, sans dogs (sniff!). What a wonderful time. The Gathering was great. Trip with Mom was nice too.

I can’t tell you how cool it is to talk with everyone and to send pieces of my work to their new homes. Really cool. Makes the long drive home fly by and makes me want to get right back in the studio and make more work. Thank you!!!


This is one of the pieces that I took to Kanab. Afghan Hound is the title. Fun to watch as people attempted to lift the blanket and peek under, only to find that the blanket is clay.

I took my camera with me, but didn’t take any outside photos. No photos of the elegant Hounds surrounded by the beautiful red rock cliffs! What was I thinking! <G> This one above is Winchester and I at a previous Greyhound Gathering.

So much fun.

5 May 2010

Going postal.

How cool is this! Several weeks ago, a volunteer from Virginia Greyhound Adoption asked about using a photo they’d seen on this blog. Sounded like a cool idea – magnetic mailbox cover – sold to benefit Greyhound adoption! Get yours here.

21 Mar 2010

Midnight Sun Beading

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I posted these photos on facebook last week but I wanted to highlight Renee’s fabulous work here on the blog too. Renee is Midnight Sun Beading. She does these incredible dog jewelry pieces.

It’s all bead, hand woven. While it looks similar to a collar, it’s purely decorative.

I met Renee at the American Whippet Club’s National Specialty show in Boston. She’s a Whippet person. It’s fun to be next to her at a Greyhound event – She loves the Greyhounds, but she REALLY LOVES Whippets. Voice raising up several octaves kind of love. She’s fun.

Renee will also be representing my sterling work at the Whippet Nationals in Tucson in a couple of weeks. Cool.

21 Mar 2010

I’m not going to panic.


Have you looked at the calendar? The Greyhound Gathering in Kanab, Utah is 8 weeks away. Ulp.

I haven’t started.

I do have a plan. That plan does not included panic at this time. But I’ve scheduled in room for it, if necessary!

14 Mar 2010

Etsy and my embarrassing dog.

Adding new work to my etsy store. Boxes, feet sculptures, tiles, etc. And the sterling silver pendant is there too.

And now for a silly dog story. Annie is a funny dog. She’s clever. She’s not afraid of anything… well, small dogs, she’s not crazy about, but she’s never met a stranger she didn’t like.

She also likes to stick her nose into tight places. See photo above. She presses her nose right on in there.

So… yesterday… Annie meets a nice lady — nice lady that bends down to say hello to Annie.

Trouble is… nice lady was amply bosomed and wearing a low cut shirt. So, like I wrote above, Annie isn’t shy. She saw that ample bosom and must have thought, “What’s in there?”

Down her cold nose went as far as she could get her little snake head down.

The nice lady squealed. Then she laughed.

Silly dog.

24 Oct 2009

Dewey Beach recap

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Going to an art show
On the third of October, the Significant Other and I packed up the Element and headed to Dewey Beach, Delaware to Greyhounds Reach the Beach.

North Dakota I-94 Eastbound
This is North Dakota. Heading east on Interstate 94 – the beginning of the 1819 miles trip (one way).

This is our route. View Larger Map

Indiana - eastbound
I think this was Indiana? Ohio? Once we are past Chicago and on the tollway everything… blends.

Then Pennsylvania. South on I-76 I believe heading into Maryland.

Maryland means the toll bridge. I am a Prairie Girl. I like land. I don’t love the toll bridge. Yes I’m happy that it is there and makes the trip shorter. Otherwise, not so much.

I start to think about how they constructed this thing. How many semi-trucks can be on the bridge at one time?

So anyway, we survived the bridge. And Greyhounds Reach the Beach 2009. Thank you to everyone who supported my work. The best part of this event is, of course, the Greyhounds, but also seeing friends I don’t meet up with anywhere else. I come back home charged with all the good energy of the event!

Speaking of heading home – we hit snow at Minnesota. Snow. From 80 degrees at the beach to snow and cold at home. Oh well. Good to be home.

2 Oct 2009

You can find me here.

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The Element is packed and I’ll be headed to Dewey Beach, Delaware for Greyhounds Reach the Beach.


You can find me at the Best Western Gold Leaf on Highway 1 in Dewey Beach. This is across from the Rusty Rudder.


Find the Main Office – I’ll be right down the ramp and to the right.


Wednesday – 10am to 5pm
Thursday – 10am to 6pm
Friday – 8am to 6pm
Saturday – 8am to 6pm
Sunday – 9am to 3pm

See you at the Beach!

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