26 May 2005

To work

Posted in Art making

Well, first I should thank all of you who have called and emailed about Sterling’s death. It is very comforting to hear from others who understand. It is still hard for me to believe that he’s gone.

So I have thrown myself into work. There are two new Saluki sculptures in the drying cabinet. I made the molds for four new Greyhound tiles, some new plant tiles, and am working on Saluki and Afghan Hound tiles today.

And I have packaged and shipped more packages than I have since the Christmas season. One would think that being an artist means time spent leisurely creating in the studio– and it couldn’t be further from the truth. I am always trying for more studio time. But I’m not complaining 🙂 Sending packages means people want the things I’m creating. Thank you!

Today I’m sending packages to New York, Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Ontario Canada and France.

Tile project  run tiles_3248642335_o

Tile project  headstudy series_3248642391_o
And I thought I would post these two photos of how some Greyhound lovers are using my tiles in their kitchen. The first photo is the set of 4×4 Greyhound Run Tiles in the warm gray glaze. The second photo is the set 4×4 Greyhound heads in the midnight glaze. You can see that they are used on the wall under the kitchen cabinets with standard 4 1/4″ stock tiles– and incorporated quite nicely too! And I love the Greyhound Gourmet coffee in the first photo. Nice touch 🙂

Thanks again for all the words about Sterling. I really appreciate them.

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