3 Apr 2015

Joining the marching band.


I read a weekly opinion column in a somewhat local newspaper. Couple of weeks ago the topic centered around the writer’s experience in his high school marching band. Tidy metaphor about joining the band (and participating in life). I’ve been thinking about that column. I was in my high school’s marching band. I played the […]

1 Feb 2015

Exploring new shapes.


I unloaded the glaze kiln this morning. Things have been fairly busy around the studio. Every surface is being used. I’ve been trying to remedy this, but with only one of the big kilns functioning it been going more slowly that I’d like. It will work out. After unloading the kiln this morning, I loaded […]

15 Jan 2015

Photographing and organizing.


Along with the rabies vaccine, sulfa drugs and hot water heaters, digital cameras are a truly awesome invention. I’m taking photos for the online shop for the sale on January 25th. I remember doing this the “other” way – buying film, setting up the photo stuff, taking photos 24 or 36 at a time, hauling […]

7 Jan 2015

The urge to innovate is constant.


As you can see from the last posts, the spirit of ceramics is one of innovation and understanding of the materials. The clay material is versatile and the results can be variable. The challenge is never ending. I like this. As of late, I’ve been making memory boxes. I have wanted to play with the […]

5 Jan 2015

About bowls.


The entire foray into pottery making is a big experiment for me. Challenging. Good to learn new things. Plus I’m interested in the ways it will affect (and has affected) my sculptural work. With every opening of the kiln I learn something new. And get a little disappointed too. Here were results of the last […]

4 Jan 2015

About handling demand.


Hope all of you are well. And your hounds too. And families and friends and the bunny that lives under your porch too. Hope we all are well. It is a New Year! The year of the sheep (or goat or ram). Maybe I should make cups with Greyhounds and Sheep together? Maybe get the […]

15 Sep 2014

Well. Yes. Ok.


The reception for the Confluence on the Western Edge exhibit with fellow North Dakotan, Cris Fulton, was Thursday the 11th. It went well I think. Cris spoke eloquently on her process of pastel drawing using a powerpoint/keynote to highlight the work. The students asked some thoughtful questions – always a good sign. Then I demo-ed […]

8 Sep 2014

The statement.


The artist statement is one of those things that is required with an exhibition. I wonder where this requirement started. Can’t think any artist in any of the workshops I’ve attended saying, “Yipee! Statement time! My favorite!” Why do we insist on adhering to this practice? Do people actually read these things? Who am I? […]

6 Sep 2014



Or exhibitions! So pleased to have these opportunities to show my work throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Here goes: First my jack-a-lope sculpture, Douglas Loves a Good Fish Story, will be at the Rolland Dille Center for the Arts Gallery at Minnesota State Univeristy- Moorhead. This is an MSUM Alumni exhibit – so nice to […]

31 Aug 2014



The original title for this post was “Readying for the next exhibit”. The draft, describing how I prepare for an exhibit, has sat in my unpublished folder long enough that the exhibit has been packed and delivered to the gallery. It has been that kind of summer. Blink, and it is gone. I did get […]

6 Jun 2014

Never explain.


Elbert Hubbard is quoted as saying, “Never explain – your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.” I agree with the root of this. Do I have enemies? If I do I’m not too concerned with what they think anyway. I agree with refraining from too much explanation. With […]