21 Jul 2005

Cockroach question

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Every once and awhile people email questions to me and my response bounces back. The latest returned email was in regards to how detailed the custom cockroach, flatdogs and new curled hound sculptures are. Thought I’d answer it here in case others had that question too.

I have an order form for the cockroaches with diagrams of the Greyhound’s right, left, front and rear sides. I encourage people to email or send photos of their hound with their order (hard copy photos are returned with the finished sculpture).

Now how detailed can I get? The colors are meant to be close but not exact since the ceramic medium is predictable but not exact if you know what I mean. I fire all sculptures the same, but different spots in the kiln, different glazes also in the kiln, etc make the results “sort-of” the same. Just the nature of the beast.

I do the black nose, eyebrows, footpads– a sabled black muzzle is a bit tricker since they don’t really turn out in a way that satisfies me, but if people want it, I can do that too. The sculptures don’t have toenails so no need to worry about toenail color. Darker fawn shading on fawn Greyhound’s ears is no problem. Brindle dogs are really approximate– I do not place every brindle stripe in the exact place as the hounds, but try to add heavy and light brindling as close to the photo as possible. Occasionally I have someone ask for a pink belly on their roach– my advice, just go with the main body coat color and skip the pink belly. Although people have loved their pink-bellied ‘roach sculptures, I generally am not pleased with the look. I’ll put the white markings on your brindle and black dogs as close as I can get them (don’t forget to tell me where they go or send a photo with ALL of the four feet showing– assuming that your greyhound isn’t a tripod– and, yes, I do tripods too!).

I can do some of the larger scars, if desired. Muzzle rub scars are usually the most requested. And no there is no extra charge for custom orders.

I think that just about covers it. Email if you have other questions.

19 Jul 2005

Almost Home for Hounds update

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Sleeping Greyhound sculpture © Sarah Regan Snavely
Couple of quick notes about the Almost Home for Hounds projects.

#1 I’ve donated the Peaceful Repose sculpture (pictured above) to Almost Home for Hounds. Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars is raffling it off– you can see more photos and get details of the raffle at Sue’s fundraising page.

Layout tile mural for AHH_2256494203_o

#2 The Dreaming of Home Mural is nearing completion. Anybody want to come to North Dakota and help me glaze it? I’m planning on heading down to Colorado in early August.

19 Jul 2005

Garden of Earthly Delights

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In the works  cockroaches_3248812507_o

Thought that I’d add a photo of what my work table looks like this morning. Kind of reminds me of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights minus many key elements of course…

19 Jul 2005

Cockroaches and Flatdogs

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If you are a non-Greyhound person you might not understand. “Cockroach” is what a Greyhound’s sleeping style is called. I think it comes from Dead Cockroach (and from what I hear, the Whippet people call the same pose “Dead Bug”). Anyway, I occasionally make Greyhound “Cockroaches”– those are sculptures of Greyhounds asleep with their legs in the air. Some have their tongues hanging out, some do not. Just like the hounds…

I make the cockroaches in four basic styles (with variations, of course. These are handmade so no two are alike).

Greyhound sculpture@Sarah Regan Snavely
Here’s an example of the close front/modest rear style

Then I’ve got the close front/open rear style.

And the “Flagpole” (with one front like out like a flagpole) and modest rear style.

And the Flagpole and open rear style. As you can see, all of these are ready for their custom colors. The order form for these hounds can be found here

I have also been working on a new pose. I think I’m going to call it the Curl — but their are variations of the curl too. Some are tight and others are not so tight. Here’s a couple of examples:

in the works_3249550074_o

in the works_3249550122_o

In the works_3249550148_o

I don’t have an order form ready for these yet. They’ll be more information to come on the cockroach page on my website.

So that’s a peek at what I’m working on right now.

18 Jun 2005


It was a mistake. I can see that now.

About six months ago I quit drinking coffee and unhinged myself from my caffeine addiction. A difficult but good thing to do. I’ve had a few relapses– traveling to the Greyhounds in Gettysburg event, a couple difficult mornings, once where I mixed the decaf with real– but I’m doing well.

Today I ordered a “fancy” coffee at the new coffee shop in the neighboring town, Scranton. Caffeinated. Didn’t think it would affect me too much. It was a mistake…

And now I’m jittery and overstimulated, unable to keep my mind on the task at hand. I am already bored with this post and want to jump to something else. Maybe I’ll drink a bottle of water…

Maybe now is the time to attempt to clean the studio? All this extra energy and all…

27 May 2005

New tiles

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New tile designs on the in the works page. Right out of the molds– these are the first, photographed in the wet clay stage. Comments welcome.

And how about a photo of Winchester?

Winchester Greyhound_3248665745_o

Isn’t he handsome?

26 May 2005

To work

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Well, first I should thank all of you who have called and emailed about Sterling’s death. It is very comforting to hear from others who understand. It is still hard for me to believe that he’s gone.

So I have thrown myself into work. There are two new Saluki sculptures in the drying cabinet. I made the molds for four new Greyhound tiles, some new plant tiles, and am working on Saluki and Afghan Hound tiles today.

And I have packaged and shipped more packages than I have since the Christmas season. One would think that being an artist means time spent leisurely creating in the studio– and it couldn’t be further from the truth. I am always trying for more studio time. But I’m not complaining 🙂 Sending packages means people want the things I’m creating. Thank you!

Today I’m sending packages to New York, Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Ontario Canada and France.

Tile project  run tiles_3248642335_o

Tile project  headstudy series_3248642391_o
And I thought I would post these two photos of how some Greyhound lovers are using my tiles in their kitchen. The first photo is the set of 4×4 Greyhound Run Tiles in the warm gray glaze. The second photo is the set 4×4 Greyhound heads in the midnight glaze. You can see that they are used on the wall under the kitchen cabinets with standard 4 1/4″ stock tiles– and incorporated quite nicely too! And I love the Greyhound Gourmet coffee in the first photo. Nice touch 🙂

Thanks again for all the words about Sterling. I really appreciate them.

14 May 2005

Terrible day.

Sterling Greyhound_3249453818_o

Sterling died today. Just like that.

He slipped. I picked him up, tried to calm him and just as I thought everything would be okay he inhaled deeply and collapsed. And then he was gone.

Brownie, String, Beandog, the Bean, Buddy, Sterling. My first Greyhound. My heart dog. My Velcro dog. My boy.

Changed my life, that dog. My heart is broken.

10 May 2005

Apollo Greyhound #9

White and fawn particolor Greyhound

Apollo’s ninth birthday today. (Apollo is one the Greyhounds that live here with us) Hard to believe he is nine already. Up until a few weeks ago he was the “young one” of the pack. Now he’s keeping up with the new “young one,” Winchester.

No birthday cakes or party hats here. Apollo celebrated the day with an extra walk and a nap on the couch.

Good boy.

8 May 2005

First Post

Okay. Let’s see how this works….

I have decided to start a blog as a way to document the daily (or semi-daily) goings on here in the studio. Hopefully that will include a good amount of Art making– and a probably a lot about the Greyhounds who live here.

Who am I? Sarah Regan Snavely, maker of sculptures and prints inspired, mostly, by my Greyhounds: Apollo, Sterling, Kelly and Winchester. Thirty two years old, living in a small town in southwestern North Dakota and trying to eek out a living making the artwork that I want. I’m not sure that my life is interesting to others. I like it though.

We’ll just have to see how this goes…