Photographing and organizing.

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

Along with the rabies vaccine, sulfa drugs and hot water heaters, digital cameras are a truly awesome invention. I’m taking photos for the online shop for the sale on January 25th.

I remember doing this the “other” way – buying film, setting up the photo stuff, taking photos 24 or 36 at a time, hauling that film to the one hour Walgreens on the corner…. and finding out that the settings weren’t quite right, and the process would repeat over and over. And then the photos would require scanning too.

Sarah Regan Snavely Greyhound cup with red dots

I love digital.

Sarah Regan Snavely cups

It is still work to photograph everything to get ready for an online sale. And organize.

Cup Sarah Regan Snavely

I employ a LOT of post it notes. Since each cup is one of a kind, each cup gets a number, measured for an approximately size and a short description.

Sarah Regan Snavely rabbit cup

The key is to keep those post-its on the cup and place the cups, in order, on a table just for online sales. No other work gets to rest on that table. Only online shop work. And the cups are lined up in the order they were photographed (which corresponds to the number on the post-it) making matching up cup and photo easier.

Sarah Regan Snavely Rabbit cup

Here’s the hard part for me: Do Not Derivate From The System. One should resist all urges to rework the system in the middle of working the system! Also make sure one has enough post-its on hand. And fully charged batteries in the digital camera…

Cup sale! Sunday, January 25th Opens Noon Eastern.

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  1. Evilene Miller
    January 15, 2015

    I really like the greyhound cups. I just have a few questions. Will the cups withstand either microwave or dishwasher. Thanks!


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