The urge to innovate is constant.

Posted on Jan 7, 2015

As you can see from the last posts, the spirit of ceramics is one of innovation and understanding of the materials. The clay material is versatile and the results can be variable. The challenge is never ending. I like this.

Memory box with winged Greyhound Sarah Regan Snavely

As of late, I’ve been making memory boxes. I have wanted to play with the proportion of the lid of box and how the lid functions for a while now. With this batch I experimented in shape and lid. We’ll see how they looked when fired and finished.Memory box with Winged Greyhound Sarah Regan Snavely

The majority of this batch of boxes has a lid function like the photo above. Without getting too much into the process, I make the boxes, cut the lid off and add the flange (galley) into the inside of the box. The figure comes next. It takes a while to make the figure, but making that flange takes a long time too. I don’t mind time intensive work, but I like to think of other ways to solve the problem too.

Secret opening memory box Greyhound Sarah Regan Snavely

This is one of the solutions. Secret lid.

Opening memory box Sarah Regan Snavely

The pillow on which the Greyhound rests her head holds the lid construction but the entire figure functions as the lid. I’m liking the restful/comfortable feeling that the pillow contributes with this design. Of course I could add the pillows to the other lid design also (and some of the boxes from this batch have them).

I like the function of this lid a little better. It does change the use of this box however. It moves the use into the category of urn more than that of container-to-hold-things-possibly-creamians. It also changes how one must handle the creamains to add them to the box. Is that a problem?
Memory boxes Sarah Regan Snavely

An informal poll of Facebook seems to be weighing toward the secret lid. What do you think? I could continue to make both lid openings. Wondering if that makes a customizable box even more customizable and, therefore, more confusing. Need your opinion.
Memory boxes Greyhound Sarah Regan Snavely


  1. Louise Gagné
    January 7, 2015

    Good morning Sarah: I love your memory boxes. Their beauty will stay with me for the day. Thank you. Louise

  2. genjiscorner
    January 7, 2015

    I do like that resting on pillow look and design. What a great way to solve a problem and have it look great too.

  3. Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny
    January 7, 2015

    I think we’re partial to the non-secret lid. But we do like the clever solution and that sleeping greyhound is very cute.

    Maybe you can continue to make both options.


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