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Posted on Sep 4, 2014

These past few months have been occupied with readying work for an exhibit at Dickinson State University. The last of the work was delivered to the gallery on tuesday, September 2. After months of busy-busy the exhibit is installed and ready for viewing. The pressure to scurry and make is off.


Two things I have learned from this exhibit so far: I’m not out of ideas for Bison and I don’t want to schedule exhibits at the end of the summer. The first is promising. I’ll spend some time working on the ideas in my sketchbook while I work out a few Greyhound ideas in clay. The second may not be able to be controlled. Opportunities have no respect for preferred schedules.


There was time for working in the garden this summer – and is there ever enough? Probably not. I didn’t get to my favorite greenhouse, didn’t hike much at all and my bicycle never left the garage. When I looked at the bison sculptures when they were finally installed in the gallery space, I noticed all them had their heads down. Was that a conscious choice? Maybe a reflection of how I felt this summer – content, but with my head down and working hard?


There is a week to go before the reception and gallery talk. The studio hasn’t seen much work begin done this past week except for some cleaning. I worked on the website and email and such instead. Good to take a break from the making. But it is time to get going again. Holidays are looming and the list for memory boxes is getting too long for comfort.


These are good things. Time to start up again.

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  1. Lynn Roick
    September 4, 2014

    Heads up!


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