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Posted on May 18, 2014

Turns out vacations are a good thing. Or what passes for a vacation in my world. I like to work.

On the road - bison is my co-pilot

Driving to southern Utah for the Greyhound Gang‘s Greyhound Gathering, setting up my booth, peddling my wares and volunteering where I can seems to be the best vacation for me. This trip is the F5 on my computer keyboard. Refreshed.

Pugh Canyon Kanab Utah

If you are at all interested in Greyhounds you need to get to the Greyhound Gathering. Its been on hiatus for the last couple of years, but now it is back, back, back. Mother’s Day weekend, I believe. Do it. I’m already planning for next year.

Film Buff in Kanab, Utah

To get there I snake through Wyoming, then across I-80, cut through Provo and down I-15 – about 17 hours drive. I worried a bit about the drive this time. Wyoming is a special state. I see plenty of white pickup trucks with Wyoming license plates blurring through US85 each day. Wasn’t too interested in seeing more. But the drive to Kanab was uneventful. I was armed with an iPhone full of audiobooks.

On the way back? Now there is where the fun began. I encountered heavy snow in Utah State Route 20. Full on North-Dakota-like fluffy flakes. No worries. Up I-15 I went. Until Wyoming. Interstate-80 has been closed three times during my trips to Kanab. Once due to an accident. Something about a high-speed chase ending badly. Then there was the time when one semi-truck collided with another – spilling the contents of one of the trucks onto the roadway. Chili blocked the road. And then this time. I-80 closed due to ice and snow.

Home now after a slight detour. Happy to see the hounds. They seemed to weather my absence just fine. Why do I think that they will suffer without my care?

Jack-a-lope Sarah Regan Snavely

One of the best things about a successful event is riding the after-event momentum. The little procrastination bug I’ve been suffering from lately is gone. Let’s get these things finished! First was the jack-a-lope and bison sculptures that I had been working on prior to the trip to Kanab. The bison was not quite ready to be fired before I left and the jack-a-lope needed its final finish. Finished both pieces after getting back.

I struggle with photographing the sculptural work. I know enough about the camera to get a half-way decent photo, but my photo light set up is not what it should be. At best it is a Pinterest project gone wrong with lights from the hardware store, shower curtain liner and foam core board. This makes the task harder and more frustrating than it needs to be. I’ve got a nice seamless backdrop for the photo (see above) but it is too small for the sculptures (also see above).

Sarah Regan Snavely

Since I moved the table I used to use to photograph, now I use the floor. This presents other difficulties – like Greyhounds wanting to see what’s going on…

Rust and Stardust Sarah Regan Snavely

Today I ordered proper lighting and a larger backdrop. Finally! I want good photos of the work. Why not make it easier to get them?

I’m moving things to make a dedicated photo set-up space. Then cleaning the studio to get ready for making more memory boxes. Busy, busy. This is good.


  1. genjiscorner
    May 18, 2014

    A working vacation. Yes, you’re awesome camera deserves a nice light setup.

  2. Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny
    May 19, 2014

    Though your work doesn’t ever photograph badly, having a proper lighting set up is always nice!

  3. Pamela Buck
    May 19, 2014

    I’m sure it is Greyt to get home.

  4. Tammi
    June 23, 2014

    A month later and I still look at the things I bought in Kanab with the excitement of kid on Christmas morning. The urn for my precious Lilith is as perfect as her memory, well almost…..she really was the best. Thank you.


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