No mud, at least.

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

Maybe that last post was a little too whiny? I’m feeling like it was. Snow shoveling does not bring out the best in me. (sorry…)

Greyhound in light

You read this blog, you know that occasionally I get to feeling like the fishbowl that is life constricts. The end of winter is one of those times. My brain craves novelty and this time of year, the quest for new and interesting feels the most intense. Andrew Wyeth said,

I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.

While I don’t have a preference for winter I do appreciate the changing of the landscape and light, how the trees turn skeletal and the landscape seems sparse and how everything wakes up in the spring. But enough already with the snow. Maybe some April showers?

I’d like to get past this frustration with winter. Everywhere has its ups and downs, right? No hurricanes here. And this is North Dakota. We are going to experience some type of winter weather. Come on now.

Greyhound in light

Its just that, with every shovel of snow, this damn season reminds of me of the things that frustrate me. That old Human Condition. We want what we don’t need, don’t appreciate what we have, and wish for our relatively easy lives to be relatively easier. And more time. Add that one in there too.

The antidote to this feeling is to live in the present. Be present. This is what draws me to making mugs. They are reminders: what does the rim and handle feel like? How do you bring it to your lips? Can you fill it with coffee or is the rim uneven to you’ve got to be careful when adding cream? What is the sound of the spoon on the bottom (if you’re adding sugar)? What does the mug feel like in your hand?

Greyhound in light

When winter runs long my focus shifts to the future. “Soon it will be spring,” one can’t help but think when the snow is drifting and accumulating in the driveway one just shoveled. One seeks thoughts of gardening and plants and renovations. Time to rebuild the fence. That trip to the good nursery with the nice plants. Maybe where to put the pad for the gas-fired kiln? These are things that need the snow to be gone and that isn’t going to be today.

There are lidded jars/urns waiting to be finished in their studio. I’m waiting on them to be the last of the pots to fill the bisque kiln. I’m waiting to have a mug sale until after I’ve fired this kiln. So finishing the lidded jars/urns would be a step in the right direction. Must get to it. No time like the present.


  1. Robin Willoughby
    April 3, 2014

    The answer to that horrible blanket that sometimes smothers you in winter….a VACATION! Preferably someplace warm, sunny and sandy. That’s my lifesaver….and it can only be 5 or 6 days.
    And while I only live in Michigan….compared to North Dakota a lightweight….I just need to get OUT! Get a little sun….see some green, ya know? That makes it possible to last out the last of winter and the dreary early Spring. And last until the REAL Spring starts.
    I see you just got another foot of snow today! I think you should move to South Carolina with Laze and me….. 😀

  2. Louise Gagné
    April 3, 2014

    Lovely photographs, beautiful light!

  3. genjiscorner
    April 4, 2014

    The sun is finally out today, and it actually feels like Spring. Bye bye Winter, for now. I can live in the present in Spring weather.


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