The big blizzard.

Posted on Apr 2, 2014

As far as blizzards go, this last one was uninspired. Eleven inches of snow, schools and businesses closed, and the threat of one to three more inches of snow today. Eh. I’m thankful the power stayed on, that area ranchers didn’t lose livestock, and that my back muscles got a free workout courtesy of shoveled snow. But this blizzard did not have that distinct feeling of slowing down life to a maple-syrup paced crawl.

I blame Facebook.

“I’ll make a cup of tea and curl up with that book after I take photos of the snow, my dogs running around in the snow, the ice sickles on my neighbor’s shed, the snow plow, etc.” Must let everyone I know (and barely know) that it is snowing in North Dakota!

Factor in the time spent looking at the road conditions map and at everyone else’s snow pictures on Facebook, and inventorying and procrastinating the household chores that must be done, I barely got a page turned or a sip of tea.

Plates - Sarah Regan Snavely

Feeling like it’s time to wean myself from the cell phone/iMac/iPad. Unless it’s for audio books. I need these devices for audio books! And email… Maybe just a Facebook sabbatical…


Earlier I unloaded the glaze kiln. Plates and mugs occupied the majority of the firing. I did take some time on Blizzard Day to contemplate the results. I am pleased. The plates are almost dinner plates and salad plates. Clay shrinks. Must get those dinner plates a little larger.


Making plates is a new thing for me. I worked on form – trying to get a pleasing and functional shape – and also finding designs that decorate the form without interfering with the function or obscuring the purpose of the plate. Fun brain puzzle.

Unloaded several mugs also, some with new glazes and combinations of glazes. 


Next step is to measure and photograph each of the mugs. This batch is for the online shop – the next batch of mugs is for the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab. Lots to do in limited time. What I need is another blizzard.

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  1. jeffrey schmidt
    April 2, 2014

    How do I buy that greyhound plate? It’s gorgeous!


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