Sarah Regan Snavely

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3 Apr 2015

Joining the marching band.


I read a weekly opinion column in a somewhat local newspaper. Couple of weeks ago the topic centered around the writer’s experience in his high school marching band. Tidy metaphor about joining the band (and participating in life). I’ve been thinking about that column. I was in my high school’s marching band. I played the […]

1 Feb 2015

Exploring new shapes.


I unloaded the glaze kiln this morning. Things have been fairly busy around the studio. Every surface is being used. I’ve been trying to remedy this, but with only one of the big kilns functioning it been going more slowly that I’d like. It will work out. After unloading the kiln this morning, I loaded […]

21 Jan 2015

Mixing glazes and firing kilns.


Things are moving right along in the studio with a few bumps here and there. Most of the mugs for the mug sale are photographed and posted in the shop. They’ll go on sale on Sunday, January 25th at Noon eastern time. Depending on how this next firing goes, there may be a few more […]