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I’m fascinated with dogs. Dogs are nifty alien-like creatures which have infiltrated our world. They live among us sharing common experiences. They are our companions on our life travels. The Ojibwa folk tale explains it best, “The earth trembled and a great rift appeared, separating the first man and woman from the rest of the […]

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My studio is located in a small town in extreme southwestern North Dakota called Bowman. Bowman was a founded as a railroad stop in 1907. The population of the city of Bowman is around 1600 people, with about 3200 people in the county (also called Bowman). It is a nice place to live. My studio […]


About Art Making Why dogs? I like dogs. I like the physicality of dogs. I like the history of dogs. I like the myths about dogs. Mostly I think that dogs are nifty little alien-like creatures which have infiltrated our world. Masters of adaptation. Parasites living off their human hosts– I mean that in the […]

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3 April

No mud, at least.

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No mud, at least.

Maybe that last post was a little too whiny? I’m feeling like it was. Snow shoveling does not bring out the best in me. (sorry…) You read this blog, you know that occasionally I get to feeling like the fishbowl that is life constricts. The end of winter is one of those times. My brain […]

2 April

The big blizzard.

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The big blizzard.

As far as blizzards go, this last one was uninspired. Eleven inches of snow, schools and businesses closed, and the threat of one to three more inches of snow today. Eh. I’m thankful the power stayed on, that area ranchers didn’t lose livestock, and that my back muscles got a free workout courtesy of shoveled […]

26 March

Social media.

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Social media.

There are phrases I don’t need to hear again. Point in time. Politically correct. Safe haven. Social media. One must be able to find better words in our rich vocabulary of possibilities to describe these things? And – oh no! - Facebook is changing the reach of its pages feature. What will we do without Facebook […]